AEST Fire & Safety PPE Services

We now offer ISP *Independent Verified  Firefighter Gear Services.  Including: Advanced Wash, Inspection, and Repair!

(*verification pending)

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NFPA 1851 Compliant PPE Services

Our brand new state of the art facility, located in Laurinburg North Carolina is equipped with brand new equipment and products from the best manufacturers.  We are convienently located to service the Southeast and beyond.


Advanced Wash

Our gear is washed in new, specific programmed Circul-Air Extractors with SEKO Pumps, paired with Citro Squeeze cleaner


gear inspection

Advanced Inspection

Our highly trained staff can perform inspections of your gear to exceed the NFPA 1851 requirements


gear repair

Gear Repair

Our industry expert seamstress team can repair gear from any manufacturer.  They have many years of experience with firefighter PPE repair.


All of our service levels include

Advanced Gear Wash

Our facility allows your gear to pre-soak in a CitroSqueeze solution prior to entering our high efficiency extractors.  This allows us to greatly exceed the minimum NFPA requirement of 50% removal of contaminants

NFPA Advanced Inspection

Our NFPA inspection process ensures that your gear has been thoroughly inspected and finds any deficiencies that need to be corrected before being returned.

Gear Repair

Our new, state of the art industrial JUKI sewing machines paired with our highly experienced seamstress staff, enables us to repair your gear quickly and properly.  Our on hand inventory of fabrics and components ensure quick turn around.

PPE Software Tracking

Our ISP uses PPE Software. It is designed specifically for ISP's and Fire Department's alike.  This advanced software enables a quick and compliant process from the very beginning all the way through compliant record keeping.  The software is interactive between the ISP and the Department.

Pick up and shipping

We offer the convenience of pick up and return services within 2 hours of our facility!  If you are outside of our pick up service area, we can conveniently schedule shipping to and from our facility on our shipping account.  Saving you time and money!

Need help? Contact us to discuss how we can help you!  call us at 910-506-4060

Our knowledgeable staff is happy to help you navigate the challenging process of ensuring your gear is safe for your firefighters, while ensuring  your department is in compliance